What are the uses of expired beer

What is the purpose of expired beer: expired beer can be used to maintain plants. Beer contains enzymes, so it can make flowers grow more lush and beautiful. We can dip some beer with a soft cloth and gently wipe the leaves of food to make the leaves more oily and shiny.

What are the uses of expired beer

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Beer is brewed with small malt and large malt as the main raw materials, plus hops, through liquid gelatinization and saccharification, and then through liquid fermentation. It has low alcohol content, contains carbon dioxide and is rich in nutrition. It contains a variety of amino acids, vitamins, low molecular sugar, inorganic salts and various enzymes. These nutrients are easily absorbed and utilized by the human body. Low molecular sugars and amino acids in beer are easily digested and absorbed, and produce a lot of heat energy in the body. Therefore, beer is often called "liquid bread".

What are the uses of expired beer

Beer has high water content and can quench thirst; At the same time, the organic acid in beer has the function of refreshing and refreshing. On the one hand, it can reduce excessive excitement and tension, and promote muscle relaxation; On the other hand, it can stimulate nerves and promote digestion.

In addition, the low content of sodium, alcohol and nucleic acid in beer can increase the supply of blood to the brain, expand the coronary artery, and accelerate human metabolism by stimulating the kidney. Moreover, beer has disease prevention function. According to the experiment of California Medical Center, moderate beer drinkers can reduce the probability of heart disease and ulcer disease and prevent hypertension and other diseases than abstainers and alcoholics.

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