Is s999 silver pure silver

S999 silver is pure silver. S999 is qianzuyin. The purity of silver is 99.9%, which is the highest purity standard of silver products stipulated in the national standard.

S999 is a very high purity silver material on the market at present. The content of silver is 99.9%. Pure silver will contain impurities. In life, as long as the content of silver reaches 99.9%, or 92.5% of S925 silver, it is called pure silver.

Is s999 silver pure silver

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S999 silver is easy to identify from the appearance, which is the natural color of bright silver. This silver material makes silver relatively soft due to the metal characteristics of silver itself. It is not suitable for making imitation platinum or K-gold inlaid jewelry, but can be used for making plain silver jewelry.

Is s999 silver pure silver

Silver jewelry is soft and easy to oxidize and blacken. It needs to be worn often. The oil secreted by the human body will have a good protective effect on silver jewelry and slow its oxidation. After wearing it for a long time, it can be wiped and cleaned with toothpaste without particles, or gently wiped with silver cloth.

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