What does triple energizer mean

Triple Energizer is a term in traditional Chinese medicine, that is, upper energizer, middle energizer and lower energizer.

In terms of location, the upper focus includes heart and lung; Middle coke includes spleen and stomach; Lower Jiao includes liver, kidney, bladder, small intestine, large intestine, etc. They belong to the chest, upper abdomen and lower abdomen respectively. Sanjiao is not only the synthesis of visceral functions in the body, but also the channel for the operation of Qi and water.

What does triple energizer mean

Extended data:

Huangdi Neijing points out that the main difference between the old and the strong lies in whether the airway is unobstructed and whether blood gas can run normally along the airway. The "airway" here is Sanjiao. Therefore, regulating Sanjiao has great potential in TCM health preservation, and regular Qigong can be selected for practice. For example, Baduanjin's mantra "holding the heavenly triple energizer with both hands" advocates stretching the triple energizer through a specific posture to make Qi and blood run normally, so as to delay aging and improve sleep.

What does triple energizer mean

It can also massage Tanzhong, Zhongwan and Qihai to regulate the upper, middle and lower triple energizers, match Waiguan point to adjust the triple energizers, and supplement the day after tomorrow with Zusanli, Xuehai point to regulate blood and Qi and blood, so as to delay brain aging and bone aging. In daily life, we should pay attention to controlling our emotions to prevent internal injuries of seven emotions from disturbing the Qi mechanism of human body and affecting the normal gasification function of Sanjiao.

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