What's the last sentence on the pond without wind mirror

There is no wind on the surface of the pond, and the mirror is not polished. From "looking at Dongting" by Liu Yuxi.

The poet's flying imagination vividly depicts the quiet and peaceful hazy beauty of Dongting Lake in a fresh style, and outlines a beautiful landscape of Dongting, which not only shows the poet's love for nature, but also the poet's magnificent bearing and noble and strange feelings.

What's the last sentence on the pond without wind mirror

Original text of ancient poetry:

"Looking at Dongting"

The light of the lake and the moon are in harmony, and the surface of the lake is windless and the mirror is not worn.

In the distance, the landscape of Dongting is green, and there is a green snail in the silver plate.


The moonlight and water color on Dongting Lake blend together, and the lake is calm and calm, just like a bronze mirror without grinding.

Overlooking the Dongting Lake from a distance, the landscape is as green as ink, like a green snail on a white silver plate.

What's the last sentence on the pond without wind mirror

About the author:

Liu Yuxi, the word mengde, was born in Xingyang, Zhengzhou, Henan Province. He is a literary scientist and philosopher of the Tang Dynasty. He is known as a "poetic hero".

In 793, Liu Yuxi became a Jinshi and was appointed as the censor. At the end of Zhenyuan, he joined the political group headed by Wang Shuwen, and then successively served as the governor of Lianzhou, the doctor of the Ministry of rites, the governor of Suzhou and so on. He died in 842 and received a posthumous gift from the Minister of household. His representative works include "humble chamber inscription", "Zhuzhi Ci", "Tianlun" and so on.

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