What does Qianliyan mean in modern times

In modern times, clairvoyance refers to video surveillance system. Qianliyan focuses on serving mobile scenarios, is compatible with traditional fixed monitoring scenarios, uniformly manages the supported mobile and fixed monitoring devices, and provides intelligent monitoring applications for various industries. It is a comprehensive upgrade of traditional video monitoring services.

What does Qianliyan mean in modern times

Extended data:

Qianli eye thermal imaging temperature measurement scheme realizes rapid and accurate temperature screening for large-scale people by deploying thermal imaging temperature measurement terminals in large stations. It has the functions of non-contact detection, high-precision body temperature screening, abnormal body temperature early warning, and can also be combined with intelligent analysis applications such as face recognition and passage, so as to effectively improve the efficiency of body temperature detection in places with large flow of personnel.

What does Qianliyan mean in modern times

Smart stores use the capabilities of Qianliyan platform to provide cloud management end integrated monitoring solutions to meet the regulatory authorities' needs for all-round coverage of urban monitoring. At the same time, they provide anti-theft and video evidence collection, remote real-time supervision, hierarchical management and alarm linkage for users such as small and medium-sized enterprises and shop owners.

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