What does blue mean

The meaning of blue is the coldest color in the cold color. Blue is very pure, usually reminiscent of the ocean, sky, lake and universe. Pure blue shows a beautiful, dreamy, calm, rational, peaceful and broad. There are many kinds of blue, and each blue represents a different meaning.

What does blue mean

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Blue is the symbol of the sky and the sea. It represents calmness and femininity. People who like blue are calm and honest, attach great importance to the trust relationship between people, take care of the people around them, and be polite in communication with people. Blue represents broad mind, never give up spirit and harmonious world.

What does blue mean

Due to the broad characteristics of blue, it has a rational and accurate image. In commercial design, the commodity or corporate image that emphasizes science and technology and efficiency mostly selects blue as the common color and scientific and technological color, such as computers, cars, photocopiers, photographic equipment, etc; In addition, blue also represents melancholy, which is influenced by western culture. This image is also used in literary works or commercial design with emotional appeal.

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