What is the treatment of high-speed railway business seat

The high-speed railway business seat carriage will be specially equipped with a steward for service. It will also be equipped with cold proof blankets, cushions, eye masks, small towels, slippers, shoe covers, headphones and other service spare parts. Drinks, breakfast, dinner, leisure snacks and newspapers will be provided free of charge. There are also free blankets and snack carts that won't bother you. The waiting hall is also a special VIP waiting room.

What is the treatment of high-speed railway business seat

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High speed rail seats are divided into second-class seats, first-class seats and business seats. There are 5 seats in each row of second-class seats. The "2 + 3" layout is adopted. The middle is the aisle and the blue flannelette sofa seats are adopted. The ticket price is the cheapest and affordable. There are 4 seats in each row of first-class seats, which adopt the "2 + 2" layout, with an aisle in the middle and red flannelette sofa seats. Compared with the second-class seats, the first-class seats are wider and the distance between the front and rear seats is larger.

What is the treatment of high-speed railway business seat

The business seat of high-speed train can be called luxury. There are only three seats in a row, one seat on the left and two seats side by side on the right. The space is particularly spacious. The seats can be adjusted to a 180 degree lying down state, which is comparable to the first class of an aircraft. Each business seat is also equipped with an independent electronic display screen and reading light, so that passengers can easily watch movies and other entertainment programs on the way. The train is also equipped with disposable slippers and snacks for business seat passengers.

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