How many varieties of Osmanthus

The varieties of Osmanthus are divided into four categories: Golden osmanthus, silver osmanthus, Dan osmanthus and four seasons osmanthus.

1. Jin Gui

The flower color is lemon yellow to golden yellow, and the flowering period is generally from September to October.

2. Yingui

The flower color is milky yellow to lemon yellow, and blooms in the first and middle of September

3. Dan GUI

The flower color is deep, orange yellow, orange red to vermilion, and the flowering period is from late September to early October.

4. Four seasons laurel

The flower color is light, from milky yellow to lemon yellow. It can bloom all year round.

How many varieties of Osmanthus

Extended data:

Osmanthus has many nicknames: it is called "Gui" because its leaves are like GUI; Texture like rhinoceros, also known as rhinoceros; It is elegant and noble, fragrant and overflowing, known as "Xianyou"; Osmanthus fragrans is also known as "fairy tree" and "moon in flower". Osmanthus usually grows on Yanling, also known as "rock osmanthus".

Osmanthus fragrans blooms with a strong fragrance, which has the characteristics of both clear and thick. Clear can be cleaned and thick can be far away. Therefore, it has the reputation of "jiulixiang"; Yellow flowers are as fine as millet, so they are also known as "Golden Millet"; Osmanthus fragrans is "Xianke"; Flowers bloom in autumn. It was said that the God of autumn is the west, so it is also called "West fragrance" or "autumn fragrance".

Osmanthus fragrans is a symbol of nobility, chastity, honor, friendship and auspiciousness. Those who have a successful career and prosper are called "laurels".

How many varieties of Osmanthus

Edible efficacy:

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that Osmanthus fragrans has warm nature and pungent taste. It has the function of dispersing cold, breaking knot, resolving phlegm and relieving cough. Modern studies believe that it contains amino acids, vitamins, trace elements, hormones and other nutrients, and has the functions of generating saliva, resolving phlegm and relieving pain. It can be used for asthma and expectoration, abdominal pain of women with amenorrhea, dental caries and toothache. However, due to its warm nature, it should not be used for those with excessive heat in the body and yin deficiency and internal heat, so as not to help heat and make fire, induce and aggravate the disease.

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