What are the four capabilities of fire safety

The four capabilities of fire safety are:

Improve the ability of inspection and elimination of fire hazards, and earnestly achieve "self inspection of fire safety and self elimination of fire hazards".

Improve the ability of organizing and fighting the initial fire, and earnestly achieve "early fire detection and small fire extinguishing".

Improve the ability to organize personnel evacuation and escape, and earnestly "be able to escape from the fire site, self rescue and guide personnel evacuation".

Improve the ability of fire protection publicity, education and training, and earnestly achieve the "identification of fire-fighting facilities and popularization of fire-fighting knowledge".

What are the four capabilities of fire safety

Expansion materials:

1. Check the ability to eliminate fire hazards: check the use of fire and electricity, prohibit illegal operation, check the channel outlet, prohibit blocking and sealing, check the facilities and equipment, prohibit damage and misappropriation, check the key parts, and prohibit out of control and pipe leakage.

2. Primary fire fighting ability: after a fire is found, the employees at the fire site form the first fire fighting force within one minute, and after the fire is confirmed, the unit forms the second fire fighting force within three minutes.

What are the four capabilities of fire safety

3. Ability to organize evacuation: be familiar with evacuation routes, emergency exits, evacuation procedures and escape skills.

4. Fire publicity and education ability: have fire publicity personnel, fire publicity signs, full staff training mechanism, and master fire safety knowledge.

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