Hanlin duojishui refers to

Jishui refers to a place name, which is located in the county under the jurisdiction of Ji'an City, Jiangxi Province. It is named because the Ganjiang River and the Enjiang River join the Zhouzhu River, which is shaped like an auspicious word. Ganjiang river divides the whole county into East and west parts. The territory is about 55 kilometers long. You can go directly to Ji'an, Ganzhou, Nanchang, Jiujiang and Jishui by boat.

Hanlin duojishui refers to

Hanlin duojishui this is a famous saying in the Ming Dynasty: one dynasty, three cabinets, half officials, Jiangxi, Hanlin duojishui. There is also a saying that half of the scholars in the world are from Jiangxi and half of the capital officials are from Jiangxi, because in the Ming Dynasty, more than half of the people who joined the Wenyuan Pavilion nationwide were from Jiangxi, and even the number one scholar, the top three in the list and the top three in Tanhua were all students from Jiangxi. Such a situation is also very rare in China's history.

Hanlin duojishui refers to

Hanlin is probably equivalent to the current secretary. The official positions are large and small. The history of the Ming Dynasty is often reflected on various TV. The victory of Jiangxi people also has romance.

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