What was the original kite made of

The earliest kites were made of wood. Kites originated in China. The earliest kites were made by the ancient philosopher Mo Zhai.

According to Han Feizi's foreign reserve, Mo Zhai lived in Lushan (now Qingzhou, Shandong Province), "the wood was a kite, which became a kite in three years and failed in one day." it means that after three years of research, Mo Zi finally made a wooden bird out of wood, but it broke after flying for only one day. The wooden kite made by Mozi is the earliest kite in China.

What was the original kite made of

After the advent of Chinese kites, they were soon used to measure, transmit information, leap dangers and other military needs. During the Tang and Song Dynasties, due to the emergence of the paper industry, kites were changed from paper paste, which soon spread to the people and became people's entertainment toys.

What was the original kite made of

Kites in the Song Dynasty have become popular among the people. With the increase of international exchanges, Chinese kites have spread all over the world. First, it spread to Japan, North Korea and other neighboring countries, and then across the sea to Myanmar, Malaya, Indonesia and New Zealand to the farther Eastern islands; The other line followed the "Silk Road" or the Mongolian war route into Arabia and Western Europe. After the return of Marco Polo, an Italian official in China for 17 years in the Yuan Dynasty, he also introduced kites to the West.

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