What kinds of dances does Chinese Dance include

There are three types of Chinese Dance: classical dance, national dance and contemporary dance.

Classical dance refers to the dance that is considered to be of certain exemplary significance and classical style characteristics on the basis of folk traditional dance, refined, sorted, processed and created by professional workers of previous dynasties, and tested by long-term artistic practice.

What kinds of dances does Chinese Dance include

"Chinese Dance" is a "general term" for Chinese classical dance and Chinese folk dance. It is used by middle and college art schools to refer to professional dance classes that have not been subdivided. Most of the time, it is used by amateurs to refer specifically to Chinese classical dance. Chinese classical dance is a characteristic dance of Chinese classical style with certain exemplary significance, which has been handed down through the creation, sorting, refining, processing and field investigation of professional dancers and scholars of previous dynasties, and through the test of long-term artistic practice.

What kinds of dances does Chinese Dance include

In the basic training, the ballet training system is used for reference and combined with the techniques and skills of hand, eye, body and step of traditional opera and martial arts. It still has unique national characteristics (such as the Han and Tang School of Chinese classical dance founded by Professor Sun Ying). When performing, it is very different from the techniques and styles of other dances.

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