Can you eat flour with worms

It is not recommended to eat flour after growing insects. Flour worm indicates that the flour has deteriorated and the amount of bacteria contained has exceeded the standard, resulting in the hatching or reproduction of insect eggs in raw wheat. If there are few insects in the flour and they are larvae, you can sieve them and continue to eat. However, if there are a large number of adults in the flour, it is recommended not to eat, so as not to affect their own health.

Can you eat flour with worms

What insects grow in the flour:

Flour is prone to two kinds of insects. One is called Tribolium. The larvae are cylindrical, the adults are reddish brown or brown, and the shell is hard. The other is the Indian corn borer. Its larvae are cylindrical. Its adults have wings and can fly. When adults of Tribolium rubrum gather together, they will produce a secretion, which is harmful to human body. If such adults appear in flour, don't eat it. The pupa of Indian corn borer will spin silk, which is easy to agglomerate and deteriorate the flour. If this adult appears in the flour, don't eat it.

Can you eat flour with worms

How to prevent flour insects:

1. Good ventilation. Flour has the function of breathing, so it is necessary to circulate air so that flour can be used.

2. Humidity. Dry flour will change its water content according to the ambient temperature and humidity. The higher the humidity, the higher the water content of flour and easy to agglomerate. The lower the humidity, the lower the moisture content of flour. The ideal humidity is about 60% - 70%.

3. Suitable temperature. The storage temperature will affect the ripening time of flour. The higher the temperature, the faster the ripening. But the temperature also shortens the shelf life of flour. The ideal temperature for flour storage is 18 ℃ - 24 ℃.

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