Are cockroaches poisonous and harmful to people

Cockroaches are not poisonous, but they are carriers of bacteria. The bacteria carried by cockroaches may cause great harm to the body, so they should be eliminated as soon as possible after they are found. If you eat cockroaches, it is easy to cause a variety of diseases and do great harm to your body.

Are cockroaches poisonous and harmful to people

What bacteria do cockroaches carry:

Cockroaches can carry worm eggs, such as Ascaris lumbricoides, hookworm, beef tapeworm, Ascaris lumbricoides, whipworm, etc. They can also be used as intermediate hosts for various nematodes, such as Candida, Hymenolepis and Oncidium.

Cockroaches can also carry a variety of protozoa, four of which are pathogenic to humans or animals, such as amoebic dysentery, enterocolitis, Giardia and so on. Experimental studies have confirmed that cockroaches can carry, maintain and expel viruses, including Coxsackie virus and poliovirus.

Are cockroaches poisonous and harmful to people

How to kill cockroaches:

Cockroaches like darkness and fear light. They are usually hidden during the day and active at night, so they should seize the activity characteristics of cockroaches to kill them.

1. The indoor and outdoor environmental sanitation should be done well frequently, and the seam holes for cockroaches to live in should be blocked. The articles stacked in the kitchen and warehouse should be cleaned and inspected frequently, and the egg clips should be removed at any time.

2. All kinds of food should be packed and covered, tableware, containers and stoves should be cleaned after use, and leftovers should be handled in time so that there is no food to find.

3. To kill cockroaches, we must achieve "four no leakage" and "three saturation". "Four no leaks" means that the city does not leak streets, streets do not leak households, households do not leak houses and houses do not leak places. "Three saturations" are space saturation, charge saturation and time saturation.

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