Can I eat shrimp head

It is not recommended to eat shrimp head. If you have to eat it, you must cook it at high temperature before eating.

The protein content of shrimp head is also very rich. However, due to the serious environmental pollution, shrimp growth is likely to be polluted by heavy metals in sewage, and most of the heavy metals are concentrated in shrimp head. At the same time, eating shrimp head is equal to eating shrimp excreta and semi digested shrimp food. Microorganisms also tend to accumulate in this place.

Can I eat shrimp head

Shrimp head mainly contains various organs of shrimp, such as heart, liver, stomach, ovary, etc. these organs may be enriched with substances in shrimp growth environment, especially heavy metals. It is recommended not to eat the part of shrimp head as far as possible, or eat it after treatment. If you buy live shrimps, you can choose to raise them in water for a period of time to let the shrimps excrete before eating.

Can I eat shrimp head

Nutritional value of shrimp:

1. Shrimp is rich in magnesium, which plays an important role in regulating cardiac activity and can protect the cardiovascular system.

2. Shrimp is rich in phosphorus and calcium. It is especially beneficial to children and pregnant women.

3. Shrimp has high nutritional value, can enhance human immunity and sexual function, tonify the kidney, strengthen Yang and resist premature aging.

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