Do crocodiles have tongues

Crocodiles have tongues. Crocodile tongues are different from most animals' tongues because their tongues are close to their jaws and are very inconspicuous. When they open their mouths, their tongues will rise to a certain extent, but it's like connecting with their upper jaws, which is not easy to find.

Crocodiles swoop forward when they prey, that is, they put their tongue against their throat to prevent water from pouring in. In addition, crocodiles have salt glands on their tongue that can secrete excess salt from their bodies.

Do crocodiles have tongues

What color is the crocodile tongue:

Crocodile tongue is light yellow. Under special circumstances, crocodile tongue is white.

Function of crocodile tongue:

Crocodile tongue plays an important role. When crocodiles prey in the water, sometimes they suddenly rush forward with their mouths open. At this time, the tongue acts as a counter to the throat, which can prevent a large amount of water from pouring into the crocodile from the throat and prevent the crocodile from drowning. If there is no tongue, it is easy to pour a lot of water into the lungs when crocodiles prey, which is harmful to the crocodile's body.

Do crocodiles have tongues

In addition, the crocodile's tongue can excrete salt. Crocodiles have excess salt to be excreted, but their kidney function is not very developed, and they can't excrete salt through sweat glands like humans. Their tongues play a very important role in expelling salt, so as to regulate the balance of water and salt in the body. When the crocodile comes ashore, it will open its mouth and discharge the excess salt. In addition to the tongue, crocodiles also excrete salt through tears.

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