What traditional food does frost fall eat

The traditional foods eaten by Shuangjiang are beef, persimmon, duck, radish, autumn pear, etc.

Frost fall is the 18th of the 24 solar terms and the last in autumn.

Frost does not mean "frost", but a sudden drop in temperature and a large temperature difference between day and night. In the frost season, everything is completed and enters Xu, the sun enters the earth, the Yin Qi begins to condense, and the weather is getting colder and begins with frost. After the frost term, the scene of late autumn is obvious, and the cold air goes south more and more frequently.

What traditional food does frost fall eat

1. Beef

In order to welcome the arrival of frost falling solar terms, many places have the custom of eating beef feast. From the perspective of health preservation, beef has high protein content, low fat content and delicious taste, so it is very popular.

2. Persimmon

In most areas of China, we must eat red persimmons when frost falls. There is an old saying: when frost falls, eating Ding persimmon won't runny nose. Others explained that we should eat pancakes on the day of frost, otherwise our lips will crack all winter. In addition, persimmons are generally fully mature before and after frost. At this time, persimmons have thin skin, delicious meat and high nutritional value, which are very popular.

3. Duck

The hot and dry season in summer and autumn is best for eating ducks. Regular consumption of duck is most beneficial to those who are weak, yin deficiency, edema, less food, dry stool and low fever.

What traditional food does frost fall eat

4. Radish

The radish tastes particularly sweet after frost, and it is easy to rot in the pot. Radish is the treasure of autumn. There is also a saying among Chinese people that "October radish competes with ginseng", which means that eating radish in October of the lunar calendar benefits as much as eating ginseng.

5. Autumn pear

Pear tastes sweet, cool and slightly sour. It has the effects of clearing heat and replenishing water, moistening lung and relieving cough. It is the first choice for the prevention and treatment of autumn dryness.

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