Does a bear have a tail

Except for koalas, all other bears have tails, but the bear's tail hardly grows up in the process of growth and development. Therefore, when the bear is young, the tail appears relatively large and easy to see. However, the bear becomes larger in adulthood, but the tail does not grow up. Moreover, the bear does not move its tail very much. It is generally holding its ass, so it is difficult to observe.

Does a bear have a tail

Introduction to bear:

Bear (English Name: Bear) is the general name of carnivorous bears. Bears are usually mild, but when threatened or in danger, they are easy to get angry and fight fiercely. It is distributed in the northern hemisphere. There is no trace of it in the southern hemisphere except northern South America. Ursidae is a large family, which can be divided into giant panda, lazy bear, spectacled bear and Malay bear.

Does a bear have a tail

What are the functions of a bear's Tail:

Bear's tail is not long, but it can also maintain body balance. In addition, the tail can also cover private places without emitting smell. The reason why the bear's tail evolved so short is to prevent the other party from grasping its tail when fighting.

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