What does ISP mean

The full name of ISP is Internet service provider, which refers to the Internet service provider, that is, the telecom operator that comprehensively provides Internet access services, information services and value-added services to the majority of users. ISP is a formal operating enterprise approved by the national competent department and enjoys the protection of national laws. It can provide services such as dial-up Internet access, online browsing, downloading files and sending and receiving e-mail. It is the entrance and bridge for network end users to enter the Internet.

ISP includes Internet access service and Internet content provision service. This is mainly an Internet access service, which connects your computer or other terminal devices to the Internet through a telephone line.

What does ISP mean

Other meanings of ISP:

1. Single chip microcomputer

ISP, i.e. in system programming, online programming. SCM chip with ISP function can write or erase programs directly to the chip on the circuit board through a simple download line, and supports online debugging.

2. Image signal processing

ISP (image signal processing) image signal processing. It is mainly used to process the output signal of the front-end image sensor to match the image sensors of different manufacturers. Image processor ISP (image SignalProcessor) for camera. The pipelined image processing engine can process image signals at high speed.

What does ISP mean

3. Information search process

Information search process (ISP) is a comprehensive method to explain the user experience in information search. It is a different information search model, which takes emotion into account. It was developed by Professor Carol Kuhlthau of Rutgers University and consists of six stages.

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