What is titanium dioxide

Titanium dioxide is titanium dioxide. It is a white inorganic pigment with non-toxic, the best opacity, the best whiteness and brightness. It is considered to be the best white pigment in the world.

Titanium dioxide has strong adhesion and is not easy to change chemically. It is always snow-white. It is widely used in coatings, plastics, papermaking, printing ink, chemical fiber, rubber, cosmetics and other industries.

What is titanium dioxide

Titanium dioxide has a good UV masking effect. It is often added into textile fibers as a sunscreen, and ultra-fine titanium dioxide powder is also added into sunscreen cream to make sunscreen cosmetics.

Titanium dioxide can be extracted by acid decomposition of rutile or decomposed by titanium tetrachloride. Titanium dioxide has stable properties and is widely used as white pigment in paint. It has good covering ability. It is similar to lead white, but it does not turn black like lead white; It is as persistent as zinc white. Titanium dioxide is also used as a matting agent for enamel, which can produce a very bright, hard and acid resistant enamel surface.

What is titanium dioxide

Titanium dioxide is the whitest thing in the world. One gram of titanium dioxide can paint an area of more than 450 square centimeters white. It is 5 times whiter than the common white pigment - lithopone, so it is the best pigment for white paint. Titanium dioxide used as pigment in the world is more than hundreds of thousands of tons a year. Titanium dioxide can be added to paper to make the paper white and opaque. The effect is 10 times greater than that of other substances. Therefore, titanium dioxide should be added to banknote paper and art paper.

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