When does osmanthus blossom

Because of the different varieties of Osmanthus fragrans, the flowering time is also different. Osmanthus fragrans, Osmanthus fragrans and Osmanthus fragrans bloom from September to October, and Osmanthus fragrans will bloom every month. The climate in the south is good and the growth of Osmanthus fragrans is large, so the flowering period will be a few days later than that in the north. In addition, there will be a gap in the climate every year, and the flowering period of Osmanthus will be different.

When does osmanthus blossom

Extended data:

Osmanthus fragrans, also known as jiulixiang, is a plant of the genus Oleaceae, native to the eastern Himalayas in Southwest China, and also distributed in India, Nepal and Cambodia. Its leaves are opposite, mostly oval or long oval, the leaf surface is smooth, leathery, and the leaf edge is serrated; It blooms in autumn, the flowers cluster in the leaf axil, the corolla splits to the basal milk, with milky white, yellow, orange red and other colors, very aromatic, and the drupe is purple black after maturity.

When does osmanthus blossom

Osmanthus fragrans efficacy:

1. Dispelling phlegm and relieving cough

The aromatic substances contained in Osmanthus fragrans have a very good function of diluting sputum, and can also promote the discharge of respiratory tract sputum. They have the functions of resolving phlegm, relieving cough and relieving asthma.

2. Promoting qi and relieving pain

Osmanthus fragrans has the function of promoting qi. It can relieve pain, disperse blood and stop dysentery, and promote the excretion of feculent substances in the intestine.

3. Dispel bad breath

Sweet scented osmanthus can dispel the peculiar smell in the mouth and kill the bacteria in the mouth. It is a good food therapy for patients with halitosis.

4. Promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis

Osmanthus fragrans has the function of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. It can be used to treat female irregular menstruation and dysmenorrhea, mainly manifested in amenorrhea, prolonged menstrual cycle, less menstruation, menstrual abdominal pain, etc.

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