Are ants insects

Ants are insects, belonging to Arthropoda, Insecta, Hymenoptera and Formicidae.

Ants are the most common insects on earth and the largest number of insects. There are more than 11700 known species in the world, including 21 subfamilies and 283 genera. There are more than 600 identified ant species in China.

Are ants insects

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Ants are a typical social group. There are three social elements: the same kind of individuals can cooperate with each other to take care of the larvae; Have a clear division of labor; At least two generations overlap in the ant colony (individual cases are not excluded), and the offspring can take care of the previous generation for a period of time.

Are ants insects

Ants are also famous architects in the animal world. They use their jaws to dig holes in the ground and carry sand grain by grain to build their ant nests.

The "room" of the ant nest will remain in its original form unless the soil is seriously dried. Ant expert Walter chilgail modeled the ant nest. He poured liquid metal, paraffin or orthodontic plaster into the ant nest of invading red fire ants, solidified and dug it out.

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