How many centimeters is the ID card size

The size of the second generation ID card is 85.6mm long, 54mm wide and 1mm thick.

The second generation resident ID card is a single page card type certificate composed of multi-layer polyester materials. It is made by non-contact IC card technology. It has two functions of visual reading and machine reading. The size of the certificate is basically the same as that of the credit card.

The front of the certificate is printed with the national emblem, the name of the certificate, the pattern of the Great Wall, the issuing authority and validity period, as well as the rainbow twisted rope pattern.

How many centimeters is the ID card size

Extended data:

The second-generation resident identity card is implemented in accordance with the resident identity card law of the people's Republic of China adopted at the 3rd meeting of the Standing Committee of the Tenth National People's Congress on June 28, 2003.

How many centimeters is the ID card size

The second generation ID card has two functions of visual reading and machine reading, and adopts two anti-counterfeiting measures: the certificate chip adopts digital anti-counterfeiting measures, which can complete the authentication when the certificate is read by machine; The surface adopts anti-counterfeiting film and printing anti-counterfeiting technology. The anti-counterfeiting film adopts directional photochromic film and other technologies with independent intellectual property rights. The printing anti-counterfeiting technology includes fine shading, microfilm and rainbow printing, and hidden encryption points and deformed encryption words in the printed pattern.

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