What is the last sentence of not teaching Hu Ma to spend Yin Mountain

The last sentence of "don't teach Hu Ma to spend Yin Mountain" is "but make the Dragon City Flying generals in". It comes from "going out of the fortress" by poet Wang Changling of the Tang Dynasty.

This is a famous frontier fortress poem, which expresses the poet's wish to take up a good general, quell the frontier fortress war as soon as possible and enable the people to live a stable life.

What is the last sentence of not teaching Hu Ma to spend Yin Mountain

Full text of ancient poetry:

"Going out of the fortress"

wang changling

In the Qin Dynasty, the moon was bright and the Han Dynasty was closed, and the people on the long march had not returned.

But the flying generals of Longcheng will not teach Hu Ma to spend Yinshan.


It is still the bright moon and the border in the Qin and Han Dynasties. It defends the border against the enemy and fights for thousands of miles. The recruits have not returned.

If Li Guang, the flying General of the Dragon City, were still there today, the Huns would never be allowed to go south to herd horses across the Yinshan Mountain.

What is the last sentence of not teaching Hu Ma to spend Yin Mountain

Appreciation of ancient poetry:

Although this poem has only four lines, its content is complex through the description of Frontier scenery and recruitment psychology. Both have strong sympathy for the soldiers who have been garrisoned for a long time and the desire to end this border defense regardless of the situation; He also expressed his dissatisfaction with the imperial court's inability to select and appoint talents. At the same time, he focused on the overall situation and realized the justice of the war. Therefore, his personal interests obeyed the needs of national security, and issued the oath of "not teaching Hu Ma to ride the Yinshan Mountain", filled with patriotic passion.

The poet did not describe the scenery of the frontier fortress in detail. He just selected a typical picture of the garrison life to reveal the inner world of the soldiers. Scenery description is only a means to describe the characters' thoughts and feelings. Han Guan and Qin Yue are all integrated into the scenery and soaked with the characters' emotional color. The complex content is cast into the quatrain, which is deep, implicit and thought-provoking.

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