Which five classics does the five classics refer to

The five classics are the book of songs, Shangshu, Yili, Zhouyi and spring and autumn. These five books are the oldest documents preserved so far in China, and they are also the main classics of ancient Confucianism in China. Poetry, also known as the book of songs, is the earliest collection of poems in China. There are 305 existing poems, which are composed of wind, elegance and ode.

Which five classics does the five classics refer to

The five classics of white tiger Tongyi, a Confucian Scripture of the Han Dynasty, said that Confucius lived at the end of the Zhou Dynasty. He thought that the king's way was late, the rites and music were useless, the strong bullied the weak, the crowd was violent and few, the emperor dared not kill, and Fang Bo dared not attack. Min's morality is not good, so he applies around and hopes to practice his holy virtue. In self-defense against Lu, he knew he didn't need it, so he pursued the five classics to practice his way. In other words, Confucius' ancestors wrote about Yao and Shun, the Charter of civil and military affairs, and compiled the five classics, the king of Zhou Yicheng.

Which five classics does the five classics refer to

Before the loss of the music classics, there were actually six classics: poetry, etiquette and music changed the spring and Autumn period. The book of rites king system: follow the poems and books of the previous king to make scholars with rites and music. Spring and autumn teach with rites and music, and winter and summer teach with poetry and books. Poetry, books, rites and music were noble textbooks in the Zhou Dynasty. Although poetry, calligraphy, rites and music are classics handed down by Confucianism. But in addition to Confucianism, the Warring States period also spread more. Confucius governed the six classics of poetry, book, ceremony, music, book of changes and spring and autumn. Later, the "music classic" was lost (I said there was no such book) and became the five classics.

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