What does the rain cover mean

The meaning of holding the rain cover: a metaphor for the stretched appearance of lotus leaves. Qing: lift, lift up. Rain cover: formerly known as umbrella. The rain cover comes from Su Shi's gift to Liu Jingwen: the lotus has no rain cover, and the chrysanthemum residue still has proud frost branches. You must remember that the best time of the year is orange and green.

What does the rain cover mean

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The lotus withered, even the lotus leaf that held the rain withered, and only the flower branch that failed to bloom the chrysanthemum was proud of the cold and frost. You must remember that the best time of the year is the golden and green oranges in late autumn and early winter.

What does the rain cover mean

Appreciation of "to Liu Jingwen": this poem was written by the poet and presented to his friend Liu Jingwen. The first two sentences of the poem depict the scene, grasping "the end of the lotus" and "the residue of the chrysanthemum", and depicting the bleak scene in late autumn and early winter. "No" and "still have" form a strong contrast, highlighting the image of chrysanthemum proud of frost and fighting cold. The last two sentences discuss the scenery and reveal the purpose of giving poems. It shows that although the winter scenery is bleak and desolate, it also has the side of fruitful, mature and bumper harvest, which can not be compared with other seasons. The poet wrote this as a metaphor for people in their prime of life. Although their youth has passed, it is also a golden stage of maturity and great achievements in life. He encourages friends to cherish this great time, be optimistic, make unremitting efforts, and never be depressed and belittle themselves.

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