How many teeth do people have

Adults have 28 to 32 teeth. In one's life, there are two sets of teeth: deciduous teeth and permanent teeth. Deciduous teeth are the first set of human teeth, with a total of 20. They begin to sprout about 6 months after birth and basically grow up at the age of 3.

Permanent teeth are people's second set of teeth, with a total of 32. Deciduous teeth begin to fall off gradually around the age of 6, permanent teeth begin to sprout, 28 permanent teeth will sprout around the age of 12, and the remaining 4 will sprout at the age of 18-30, but some people do not sprout or partially sprout all their life.

How many teeth do people have

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Teeth can not only chew food and help pronunciation, but also have a great impact on the beauty of face. Due to the support of teeth and alveolar bone, the shape of dental arch and occlusal relationship are normal, so that people's face and lips and cheeks appear plump. Therefore, people often regard teeth as one of the important symbols to measure fitness.

How many teeth do people have

If you want to have a pair of healthy teeth, you must pay attention to the health care of teeth and eat more calcium rich food. Especially in infants and young children, we should pay attention to the choice of diet. Parents should give their children more vegetables that can promote chewing, such as celery, cabbage, spinach, leek, kelp, etc., which is conducive to the development of mandible and the tidiness of teeth. Often eating vegetables can also increase the content of molybdenum in teeth and enhance the hardness and firmness of teeth. In addition, eating more hard food is conducive to the fitness of teeth, such as corn, sorghum, beef and some nuts, such as acorns, melon seeds, walnuts, hazelnuts, etc.

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