Can facial cleanser get on the plane

Facial cleanser can be taken on the plane, less than 100 ml can be carried. The aviation administration stipulates to carry a small amount of cosmetics for personal use. Each kind of cosmetics is limited to one, and the container volume shall not exceed 100ml. Note that the liquid shall not exceed 100ml, and the overall liquid shall not exceed 1L, and the liquid shall not be filled in a bottle greater than 100ml.

Can facial cleanser get on the plane

Extended data:

Announcement of the Civil Aviation Administration of China on restrictions on carrying liquid goods on civil aircraft:

1. Passengers on domestic flights in China can carry liquid goods (excluding alcohol) with a total amount of no more than 1 liter (L) each time, and the excess part must be delivered. Liquid goods can be carried only after they are checked and confirmed.

2. Passengers on international and regional flights originating from airports in China shall not carry more than 100 ml (ML) of liquid goods.

Can facial cleanser get on the plane

Paste or liquid products, gel and spray with specifications less than or equal to 100ml (equal to 3.4 ounces) can be brought onto the aircraft. Apart from these categories, other cosmetics have no special requirements and can pass security check. However, even if only 20ml of makeup water in 150ml is used, it cannot be taken on the plane. The bottle packaging must be less than or equal to 100ml, and those exceeding 100ml can only be checked.

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