When does the pear blossom open

Pear flowers usually bloom in spring, about from March to May. The specific flowering time is affected by the cultivation environment and region. In the south, it usually blooms in March, while in the north, it opens late, usually in April or even may. The flowering period of pear flower is about 20 days.

When does the pear blossom open

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Pear flower has a cultivation history of more than 2000 years in China. There are many kinds and varieties with a long history. It has been deeply loved by people since ancient times, and its plain beauty has won the praise of poets. It is native to China and cultivated all over the country. The output of pears in China is second only to that of apples for a long time.

When does the pear blossom open

The flower language of pear flower is pure love, pure love, waiting for a lifetime without separation. Although pear flowers are very beautiful, they were not planted in the most important or conspicuous places in the houses of large families in ancient China, because people in ancient times paid attention to auspiciousness, while pear flowers were white, and "pear" was homonymous with "Li", which had the meaning of discrete, so they were regarded as an unlucky symbol by the ancients.

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