Can I get on the plane

It can be carried within the specified range. According to the provisions of international aviation law, passengers are not allowed to carry more than 100g paste or 100ml liquid articles on board. Toothpaste belongs to the first category. If you want to carry it, you must control the size of toothpaste below 100g.

Can I get on the plane

According to the requirements of the announcement of Civil Aviation Administration of China on Issuing (catalogue of articles prohibited to be carried and consigned by civil aviation passengers) and (catalogue of articles restricted to be carried or consigned by civil aviation passengers), the specific requirements are as follows:

1. When passengers take international and regional flights, liquid goods shall be put in a container with a single container volume of no more than 100ml and carried with them. At the same time, the container containing liquid goods shall be placed in a transparent plastic bag with a maximum volume of no more than 1L and can be resealed. Each passenger is allowed to carry only one transparent plastic bag at a time, and the excess part shall be checked in as baggage.

2. When passengers take domestic flights, liquid goods are prohibited to carry with them. Cosmetics for personal use during air travel must meet three conditions at the same time: one piece of each kind is limited, placed in a container with a monomer container volume of no more than 100ml, and can only be carried with you after bottle opening inspection. Toothpaste and shaving cream are limited to one piece of each kind and no more than 100g (ML).

Can I get on the plane

The following items shall not be checked as baggage or included in baggage (including checked baggage and self-care baggage), nor shall they be carried into the cabin:

1. According to relevant laws and regulations of the state, dangerous goods are dangerous goods that endanger the safety of aircraft or personnel and property on board.

2. Guns, ammunition, lighters and other types of offensive weapons, instruments and their imitations. Except sports equipment.

3. Ordnance, police equipment and their imitations.

4. Control tools.

5. Live animals, except those that meet the provisions of "small animals" in the general conditions for domestic transportation of passengers and luggage of Airlines Co., Ltd., and only for special dogs such as guide dogs, hearing aid dogs and search and rescue dogs, the acceptance of pet live animals will be suspended.

6. Other prohibited articles stipulated by the state.

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