What is konjac

Konjac is the general name of konjac in Araceae. It belongs to potato and taro crops in cultivation. Konjac is rich in carbohydrates, low in calories, higher in protein than potatoes and sweet potatoes, rich in trace elements, vitamin A and vitamin B.

The konjac plant is poisonous and cannot be eaten directly. If eaten, it must be grinded, washed with water, added lime, boiled and then coagulated, and finally made into a gelatinous edible form.

What is konjac

In short, the rough processed konjac products are dark and brown, with relatively coarse particles and a little fishy smell. The color of konjac products with fine processing degree is generally off white, with almost no impurities, uniform particles and no fishy smell. Many konjac meal substitute powders are processed in a fine way, so they are generally white.

What is konjac

When purchasing konjac processing products, you should carefully read the ingredient list. If the ingredient is konjac, the main nutritional value is not much different from Konjac block. Of course, the prices of the two processing methods are also different, and the price of white finishing products is slightly higher. Therefore, you can buy according to your personal preferences and needs.

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