How can there be a complete poem with quiet years

There is no time to be quiet. The complete poem is: there is no time to be quiet, but someone carries the weight for you. Life is never easy. This sentence comes from Su Xin's "no time is quiet, but someone carries the weight for you.".

It means that nothing is absolute, and quiet years also don't exist. Quiet years are just what people expect. It needs someone to shelter us from the wind and rain or escort us.

How can there be a complete poem with quiet years

Su Xin's other classic quotations:

1. How much hard work there is in three meals a day, how much will there be; How much trouble, how much sweetness; How many patterns, how much love; No matter how many love words, they are not worth it. Someone cooks soup to light wisps of warm human fireworks for you.

How can there be a complete poem with quiet years

2. Don't eat the fattest, use the worst and live the cheapest at the best age.

3. When you see the scenery, you will understand that life is to raise fire to live. The most beautiful state of a home is a place with green onion skin and a room full of heat.

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