Which city does Alxa League belong to

Alxa League is a League under the jurisdiction of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Alxa League is located in the westernmost part of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It is connected with Wuhai, Bayannur and Ordos in the East and northeast, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region in the South and Southeast, Gansu Province in the West and southwest, Mongolia in the north. The border line is 735km long.

Which city does Alxa League belong to

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Alxa has a long history. As early as the Paleolithic age, there were human activities here. Huo Qubing, a famous general of the Western Han Dynasty, entered Juyan to recover Hexi. In the Yuan Dynasty, Yiji Nai road was established as the head office. In the Qing Dynasty, there were two special banners, Alashan Heshuote banner and Ejina old turhute banner. In 1949, Alashan Heshuote banner and Ejina turhute banner were liberated peacefully.

Alxa has the largest area and the least population among the 12 League cities in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The League administrative office is located in BAYANHOT Town, Alxa Left Banner, with Mongolia as the main body and Han nationality as the majority. There are 28 nationalities such as Hui and Manchu, with rich and colorful national culture.

Which city does Alxa League belong to

The world's only World Geopark with desert as the theme, Ejina Populus euphratica forest, one of the world's three major Populus euphratica forests, and Dongfeng Aerospace City (Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center), one of the world's three major manned space centers, are located here.

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