What are the physical examination items of health certificate

Physical examination items for handling health certificate:

1. Liver function. Liver disease is a common disease in China, which can seriously interfere with normal working ability.

2. Chest X-ray. Tuberculosis can be checked and common lung diseases can also be found.

3. Blood, urine and stool routine. These three examinations are necessary for health certificates, which can find common blood diseases, kidney diseases and gastrointestinal diseases.

4. Internal and external examination: it can check blood pressure, skin, cardiopulmonary auscultation, abdominal palpation, etc.

What are the physical examination items of health certificate

Expansion materials:

Health certificate refers to the certificate of preventive health examination, which proves that the subject has the health quality specified in the practice. The health certificate mainly involves five industries and six diseases, which protects the health of employees and service objects to a great extent.

What are the physical examination items of health certificate

The health certificate refers to the pre employment, employment and inter semester health examination for the production and operation personnel of food and drinking water, the personnel directly engaged in the production of cosmetics, the personnel directly serving customers in public places, harmful operators, radiation workers and school students in accordance with the provisions of national health laws and regulations.

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