What is the format of buckle mailbox

QQ email has four formats:

1. The email account registered with QQ account is QQ number + @qq.com.

2. The email account registered with mobile phone number is mobile phone number + @qq.com.

3. The customized English email account is English and digital + @qq.com.

4. Foxmail email account is more formal, and the email suffix is @ foxmail.com.

What is the format of buckle mailbox

Expansion materials:

Open the QQ setting interface. Your default account will be displayed at the top of the QQ email main interface. There is a "setting" option below. Click the setting option to enter the setting interface. Four email accounts in the account setting interface, select the second "account" option to see a total of four different QQ email accounts (and can be set), but all belong to one mailbox.

What is the format of buckle mailbox

The general default QQ email account is: your QQ number @ qq.com. Of course, the default email account can also be changed. The email suffix is @ qq.com. Foxmail email account is more formal and can be used in the workplace. You need to set it up and open it yourself. The email suffix is foxmail.com. The mobile email account is to register the QQ email account through your mobile phone. After setting, it is your mobile phone number @ qq.com. After receiving the email, your mobile phone will also receive SMS reminder, which is very convenient for work. The email suffix is @ qq.com.

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