What is cassava

Mashed potato is a kind of elastic and sticky food made of glutinous rice powder or other starch. It comes from Japan. It is pronounced Mochi in Japanese and transliterated as "mashed potato" in Taiwan. It is also called grass cake in the mainland, and it is also called Ma Ji in Zhejiang. In fact, it is called "Ma Ci". Dalian area calls it "bread hunger".

What is cassava

Nutritional value of cassava:

1. Nourishing stomach and strengthening spleen

The main component of cassava is glutinous rice powder. Glutinous rice is warm in nature. It is suitable for eating more food with deficiency and cold of spleen and stomach. It can nourish the stomach and strengthen the spleen.

2. Replenish energy

Cassava contains more protein and vitamins, and the content of carbohydrates is also high. Regular consumption of cassava can supplement the energy required every day and alleviate symptoms such as night sweats and polyuria.

What is cassava

Relevant practices:

1. Pour white granulated sugar and cassava powder into the pot and stir evenly. Then add a small part of milk into the pot and stir until there are no particles.

2. After stirring evenly, pour all the remaining milk into it, and then put the pot on the induction cooker or gas stove to boil. At the same time, stir it evenly with a spoon, otherwise it will stick to the pot.

3. After cooking, take it out, pour it into the tank, refrigerate it in the refrigerator for about half an hour, take it out and put it aside for standby.

4. Take a part of biscuit crumbs and milk powder, mix them evenly, pour them into the plate, and then put the cooked fresh milk sweet potato on the biscuit crumbs. A delicious fresh milk sweet potato is ready.

5. When eating, just spoon it with a spoon, or wrap it with a layer of broken biscuits before eating.

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