How many years does a rabbit live

The average life span of rabbits is 5 ~ 12 years. But its survival time is not only related to rabbit's own factors, but also related to feeding style, living environment, disease invasion and so on. The diet in daily life is mainly rabbit food and rabbit grass, instead of feeding human food. Diseases caused by rabbits should be found and treated early. These measures can improve the survival time of pet rabbits.

How many years does a rabbit live

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Rabbits have long tubular ears (the length of the ears is several times greater than the width of the ears), short tufted tails, and strong hind legs much longer than the forelimbs. There are 9 genera and 43 species. East Asia, South Asia, Africa and North America have the most species, and a few species are distributed in Europe and South America. Some species are widely distributed or introduced into many regions, while many species are very limited. Terrestrial, mostly found in desert, desertification grassland, tropical sparse forest, dry grassland and forest or forest.

How many years does a rabbit live

The rabbit is a timid animal. Sudden noise, strangers and strange animals, such as cats and dogs, will make it panic. During feeding and management, the sound causing panic of rabbits shall be avoided as far as possible, and strangers, cats and dogs shall be prohibited from entering the rabbit house. The rabbit has sharp hearing and smell, but it is timid, afraid of shock and good at running.

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