How many cities are there in Liaoning Province

Liaoning Province governs 14 prefecture level cities, two of which are sub provincial cities.

Liaoning Province, referred to as "Liao" for short, gets its name from the meaning of eternal peace in the Liaohe River Basin. It is the only coastal and border province in Northeast China and one of the earliest coastal provinces in China to implement the opening-up policy. It is known as "the eldest son of the Republic" and "Oriental Ruhr".

How many cities are there in Liaoning Province

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When Xia and Yu were divided into Kyushu, Liaoning belonged to Youzhou; Fengtian province was established in Liaoning in the early Republic of China; In August 1954, the organizational systems of eastern and Western Liaoning provinces were abolished and merged into Liaoning Province.

Liaoning Province is located in the south of Northeast China. It is adjacent to the Yellow Sea and the Bohai Sea in the south, and the Liaodong Peninsula is obliquely inserted between the two seas, separated by the Bohai Strait, echoing the Shandong Peninsula from afar; The southwest borders Hebei Province; The northwest is adjacent to Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region; Northeast China is adjacent to Jilin Province; The southeast is bounded by the Yalu River and faces North Korea across the river. Liaoning Province has a total land area of 148000 square kilometers, accounting for 1.5% of China's total land area.

How many cities are there in Liaoning Province

The terrain of Liaoning Province is roughly from north to South and tilts from east to west to the middle. The mountains and hills are divided into East and West compartments, decline to the central plain, and tilt to the Bohai Sea in a horseshoe shape, which is composed of mountains, hills and plains; It crosses six major water systems: Liaohe River, Hunhe River, Daling River, Taizi River, Raoyang River and Yalu River. It belongs to temperate monsoon climate.

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