What is areca

Areca nut is a kind of palm plant whose fruit is oblong or spherical. Betel nut is originated in Malaysia and also distributed in Hainan, Yunnan and other regions of China.

Some ethnic minorities in the South will eat the fruit of betel nut as a kind of chewing product, but the medical community believes that chewing betel nut will damage people's teeth, make them red and black, and even be recognized as a first-class carcinogen.

What is areca

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Areca nut is an evergreen tree of monocotyledonous plant class, primary order, Palmaceae and areca, with a height of more than 10 meters and a maximum of 30 meters. It has obvious annular leaf marks, monoecious, many branched inflorescences, oblong ovary, oblong or ovoid fruit, oval seed, and the flowering and fruiting period is from March to April. Areca nut is native to Malaysia. China is mainly distributed in tropical areas such as Yunnan, Hainan and Taiwan. Widely cultivated in tropical Asia.

What is areca

There are 36 known areca varieties in the world. People in different regions have different classification methods for these cultivated species. For example, Hainan farmers divide areca into long pedicled species and short pedicled species according to inflorescence and fruit bearing conditions. There are great differences in areca yield, alkaloid species and content, medicinal value and bioecological characteristics of different varieties.

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