How many kilometers is the Hangzhou Bay sea crossing bridge

Hangzhou Bay sea crossing bridge is 36 kilometers long. Hangzhou Bay sea crossing bridge is a super sea crossing bridge longitudinally across Hangzhou Bay, China. It was opened to traffic on May 1, 2008. It is one of the components of Shenhai Expressway (National Expressway G15) and an important part of urban expressway in Northeast Zhejiang Province.

How many kilometers is the Hangzhou Bay sea crossing bridge

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Hangzhou Bay sea crossing bridge adopts the Wu Yue cultural concept of Zhejiang, Shanghai and Jiangsu. In terms of bridge type, the designer adopts the form of West Lake SUDI, integrating transportation and sightseeing. In order to take into account the hydrological environment characteristics of Hangzhou Bay, the design of "long bridge lying wave" outlines the plane of the bridge into an S-shaped curve. The beautiful and lively bridge type makes drivers and passengers happy when driving and taking a car. Moreover, if it is built into a straight road, it is easy to cause visual fatigue.

How many kilometers is the Hangzhou Bay sea crossing bridge

The foundation stone of Hangzhou Bay sea crossing bridge is the first bronze foundation stone in China. It is 100 cm high, 25 cm thick and weighs 500 kg. It is made by casting, forging, carving and other processes. It is the crystallization of the integration of traditional art and modern technology. It is creatively made by Chinese arts and Crafts Master Zhu Bingren.

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