Who worked hard and who was sweet

The last sentence of "who works hard for whom is sweet" is "after picking a hundred flowers into honey". It comes from the seven character quatrain bee created by Luo Yin, a poet of the Tang Dynasty.

By describing the natural phenomenon that bees collect flowers and make honey for people to enjoy, the poem compares the reality that the labor achievements of the working people are cruelly exploited by the feudal ruling class, and shows the poet's sympathy for the working people.

Who worked hard and who was sweet

Original text of ancient poetry:


No matter the flat land or the peak, the infinite scenery is occupied.

After picking a hundred flowers into honey, who works hard and who is sweet?

Translation of ancient poetry:

Whether it is flat or peak, the scenery of infinite flowers is occupied by bees. After they gather all the flowers to make honey, they are busy for whom and for whom to make mellow honey.

Who worked hard and who was sweet

Appreciation of ancient poetry:

The first two sentences of bee write about the living state of bees. They keep shuttling and working among the brilliant mountain flowers. The vast territory gives them considerable space to show their skills. "No matter" or "infinite", bees "occupy all the scenery" in their hard work. It seems simple and straightforward. It is almost a tone of appreciation and praise. In fact, it is ingenious, developing first and restraining later, which paves the way for the following discussion.

The latter two sentences closely inherit the image of "bee", extend and expand the image of "laborer" it symbolizes, and give a sigh of "after picking a hundred flowers into honey, it is hard for who and sweet for whom". At the same time, it also raises an intriguing question: the flowers that have been collected turn into honey, and the hard work has finally achieved gratifying results. When the conversation turns, who is the purpose of such hard work?

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