The first country to grow rice in the world is

China was the first country to grow rice in the world. China is the first country in the world to cultivate and plant wild rice. Archaeologists found artificially cultivated rice 10000 years ago in Hunan, more than 3000-5000 years earlier than other countries that cultivated rice earlier in the world.

The first country to grow rice in the world is

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Rice can be divided into indica and japonica rice, early rice, middle and late rice, glutinous rice and non glutinous rice. It can be divided into conventional rice and hybrid rice according to the way of seed retention. There are other classifications, according to whether soilless cultivation is divided into paddy rice and floating rice; According to the life cycle, it is divided into seasonal rice and "lazy rice" (over year ratooning rice); According to height, it can be divided into ordinary rice and giant rice of about 2 meters; According to salt tolerance, it can be divided into ordinary freshwater rice and "seawater rice" (in fact, it mainly uses freshwater).

The first country to grow rice in the world is

The seed of rice is rice. The rice is called brown rice after removing the husk. The brown rice can be obtained by grinding the rice bran layer. Nearly half of the world's population lives on rice. In addition to being edible, rice can also be used as industrial raw materials for wine making and sugar making, and rice husk and rice straw can be used as livestock feed. The main rice producing areas in China are the Yangtze River Basin, the Pearl River Basin and the northeast. Rice is a direct cash crop. Rice is the staple food of Chinese residents. At present, the planting area of rice in China is 245 million mu of conventional rice and 200 million mu of hybrid rice.

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