How many districts are there in Guangzhou

There are 11 districts in Guangzhou, mainly including Liwan District, Yuexiu District, Haizhu District, Huadu District, Tianhe District, Baiyun District, Huangpu District, Nansha District, Zengcheng District, Conghua district and Panyu District.

Guangzhou city city city is the capital one of Guangdong Province, one of the most important one, one belt, one road for the first time. The first is the coastal city, the first is the southern open area. It is also the core city of the Guangdong Bay and Macao Bay area, the Pearl River Delta economic zone and the hub city of the whole area.

How many districts are there in Guangzhou

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Guangzhou was the Nanyue state in the late Qin Dynasty; At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, Guangzhou belonged to the state of Wu; In 1954, when the national administrative region was adjusted, it was changed to a provincial city. Due to the production and urban development, the administrative area of Guangzhou has been expanded for many times, and now the area under the jurisdiction of Guangzhou has reached 7434.4 square kilometers.

How many districts are there in Guangzhou

Guangzhou is located in the subtropical coast, and the Tropic of cancer passes through the central and southern part. It belongs to the marine subtropical monsoon climate, which is characterized by warm and rainy, sufficient light and heat, long summer and short frost period. The annual average temperature is 20-22 ℃, which is one of the largest cities with the smallest annual average temperature difference in China.

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