What does 5S mean

5S refers to a 5S management system implemented by Japanese enterprises. 5S represents sorting, rectification, cleaning, cleaning and quality respectively.

The ideal of employees in the enterprise is to have a good working environment and a harmonious management atmosphere. 5S is to create a safe, comfortable and bright working environment and improve the quality of truth, goodness and beauty of employees, so as to shape a good image of the enterprise and realize the common dream.

What does 5S mean

Expansion materials:

1s - sorting definition: distinguish between what you want and what you don't want. In the workplace, you don't put anything except what you want to use. A general judgment principle is to remove anything unnecessary from the site within the next 30 days. The key prop of this stage is "red single movement". The purpose is to free up the "space" for flexible use.

2S - definition of rectification: the things to be placed in order according to the specified positioning and method, with clear quantity and clear marking, so as to realize the "three determinations": naming, quantitative and positioning. The purpose is not to waste "time" looking for things.

What does 5S mean

3S - definition of cleaning: remove the dirt in the workplace and prevent pollution. The purpose is to eliminate "dirt" and keep the workplace clean and bright.

4S cleaning definition: institutionalize and standardize the above 3S implementation and maintain its results. The aim is to sustain results through institutionalization.

5S literacy definition: cultivate civilized and polite habits, act according to regulations, and develop good working habits. The purpose is to improve "human quality" and become a serious person in any work.

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