Where is Lugou bridge

Lugou bridge is located on the Yongding River in Fengtai District, Beijing. Lugou bridge is a national 4A tourist attraction and the largest ancient multi culvert circular arch bridge in China. It is named as an 11 hole combined arch bridge because it crosses Lugou River (i.e. Yongding River). The whole bridge body is a stone structure, and the key parts are connected with silver ingots and iron tenons. It is the longest ancient stone bridge in North China.

Where is Lugou bridge

Extended data:

Lugou bridge is the oldest existing stone arch bridge in Beijing. It was built in the 29th year of jindading (1189) and the 3rd year of Jinzhang zongmingchang (1192). As early as 700 years ago, it was introduced to Europe by Italian traveler Marco Polo, who was famous all over the world. Marco Polo praised the Lugou Bridge: "it is the best and unique bridge in the world".

Where is Lugou bridge

Lugouqiao Incident:

On July 6, 1937, the Japanese army conducted a drill at Lugouqiao, lied about losing a soldier and asked to search Wanping City, which was rejected by the military and political units. On July 7, the Japanese aggressors shelled Lugouqiao and Wanping City, and the Chinese garrison rose to fight back, setting off the prelude to the National Resistance Against Japan. On July 8, the Japanese army shelled Lugou Bridge twice, killing more than 60 Chinese soldiers and civilians and injuring more than 200.

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