What is the brine of tofu

Brine point the brine of tofu is brine. This is the mother liquor left in the salt pond after salt making from seawater. The main components are magnesium chloride, calcium sulfate, calcium chloride and sodium chloride. It tastes bitter. Magnesium chloride crystals precipitated after evaporative cooling are called halogen blocks. This substance can solidify protein, so it is often used to make tofu in life. Brine point tofu is made by brine point.

What is the brine of tofu

A coagulant commonly used in the production of tofu in northern China can make the protein in soybean milk coagulate into gel and analyze the water. Tofu made with brine as coagulant is called brine tofu. Brine tofu has strong hardness, elasticity and toughness, strong bean flavor, low water content, white and yellow color and coarse texture, so it is also called old tofu or North tofu.

What is the brine of tofu

Brine can solidify protein, so it is often used to make tofu in daily life. Swallowing a large amount of brine can cause gastrointestinal corrosion. After magnesium ion absorption, it can inhibit cardiovascular and nervous system.

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