What part of a fish is a fish clasp

The fish button is a bone in the middle of a fish's throat. It has different shapes. Some are like a heart, some are triangular, a bit like a sunflower seed. It is usually found in the throat of large fish.

Fish clasp is one of the most popular dishes in Guangdong. Fish clasp is a humble and unimportant food material, but it has a different flavor under the combination of spices such as pepper, onion and ginger slices and the processing of iron plate, which is deeply loved by diners.

What part of a fish is a fish clasp

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Practice of iron plate fish buckle

1. Wash the fish clasps and drain. Marinate with cooking wine, ginger slices and soy sauce for 20 minutes.

2. Boil the water in the pot, put the fish buckle into the boiling water, heat it for 30 seconds, and take out the water control.

What part of a fish is a fish clasp

3. Put oil into the pot, heat it until 70% hot, saute ginger slices, remove the fish from the pot and stir fry for several times.

4. Then stir fry the green and red peppers, release them, and season with sugar and salt.

5. Put the iron plate on the gas stove, brush a thin layer of oil and heat it, and then put the scallions in.

6. Pour the fish in the pot on the iron plate while it is hot.

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