What is the green and red silk in the moon cake made of

The green and red silk in the moon cake is shredded carrot silk, orange peel, papaya, radish, etc., and then dyed with edible pigment. Its main function is to increase the color and taste of the moon cake, making the moon cake more beautiful and rich in taste. It is often used in old-fashioned traditional moon cakes, but it is not very common now. Green and red silk has always been a very controversial food because many people don't like it.

What is the green and red silk in the moon cake made of

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Moon cake, also known as moon group, small cake, harvest cake and reunion cake, is one of the traditional snacks of the Han nationality in China. Moon cakes were originally used as offerings to worship the moon god. Sacrificing the moon is a very ancient custom in China. In fact, it is a kind of worship activity of the ancients to the "moon god". Up to now, eating moon cakes and appreciating the moon on the Mid Autumn Festival is a necessary custom for the Mid Autumn Festival in North and South China. Moon cakes symbolize reunion. People regard them as festival food and use them to sacrifice the moon and give them to relatives and friends.

What is the green and red silk in the moon cake made of

As an offering to worship the moon god, moon cake has a long history. The word moon cake, in the existing literature, was first included in menglianglu by Wu Zimu of the Southern Song Dynasty. Moon cakes are integrated with local eating customs, and have developed Cantonese, Jin, Beijing, Su, Chao and Dian moon cakes, which are loved by people in North and South China.

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