Which province is Zhaozhou Bridge located in

Zhaozhou Bridge is located on the Kan River in Zhao county, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province. It crosses the river more than 37 meters wide. The bridge body is all built of stone. It is the oldest, largest span and most complete preserved single hole Tan arc open shoulder stone arch bridge in the world.

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Zhaozhou Bridge was built in the Sui Dynasty (581-618 AD) from the 11th year of kaihuang to the 19th year of kaihuang (591-599 AD). It was designed and built by the famous craftsman Li Chun. It has a history of about 1400 years.

Which province is Zhaozhou Bridge located in

Zhaozhou Bridge Landscape the bridge is an open web circular arc stone arch bridge. It is the earliest and best preserved huge stone arch bridge in China. Zhaozhou Bridge is the world's earliest open shoulder stone arch bridge selected by the world record association, creating the highest in the world. Hebei Folk call Zhaozhou Bridge, Cangzhou Iron Lion, Dingzhou Kaiyuan Temple Tower and the Bodhisattva statue of Zhengding Longxing Temple "the four treasures of North China".

Which province is Zhaozhou Bridge located in

The high technical level and immortal artistic value of Zhaozhou Bridge fully show the wisdom and strength of the Chinese working people. The exquisite design concept and technology of Zhaozhou Bridge are second to none in China's ancient bridges. According to the research of bridges in the world, such open shoulder arch bridges did not appear in Europe until the mid-19th century, more than 1200 years later than China.

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