What is Chiba tofu made of

Chiba bean curd generally refers to Chiba bean curd. Chiba bean curd is a soybean protein product made from soybean protein isolate and water as the main raw materials, edible vegetable oil and starch as auxiliary materials, with or without stabilizer, coagulant and thickener, through chopping, emulsification, seasoning, cooking, cooling, cutting or quick freezing.

What is Chiba tofu made of

Although it belongs to bean products, it is not tofu and tofu products. Its production raw materials, production technology, product physical and chemical indexes, internal organizational structure, product taste and nutritional components are essentially different from tofu. Thousands of pages of tofu, which is cheap and easy to eat, is deeply loved by mass consumers. It has a wide range of consumer groups. It is not only a delicacy on the residents' table, but also a good raw material for hotpot shops in hotels and restaurants.

What is Chiba tofu made of

Thousand page tofu is also a common special dish, such as thousand page tofu in dry pot, thousand page tofu stewed with goose feet in abalone juice, barbecue thousand page tofu, thousand page tofu fried beef fillet, thousand page tofu in brine, thousand page tofu fried meat, cold thousand page tofu, salted meat stuffy thousand page tofu, thousand page tofu in casserole, thousand page tofu in salt and pepper, cool and spicy thousand page tofu, etc.

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